Sam Rayburn 2nd Reunion October 2000

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 This reunion was held at Radisson Hotel, Charleston SC
Thank you to all that participated.
A special thank you to Stacy Power who planned this reunion

SRA officers
President = Jack Dowell was elected as president at this reunion.
Shortly after that Jack stepped down. Thank you to Jay McNelly who took over the position.

A.  Ralph Ghormley, MTS-635 CO, and Bill Minnehan

B. left to right- Ernie Crowl, John O'Toole, Kenhi Drewes
Paul Gonsalves,  Frank Maciuska, Dave Horvath

C. Lloyd Higgins, Stan Feinberg, Ralph Ghormley ,
Jim Erickson, Jim Darr

D. Kenhi Drewes (backpack), Jim Erickson, Bill Grafton,
Steve Buski, Jim Darr (with Suspenders)

E. What a great submarine she was.

F. She still looks strong and deadly, even without the missile compartment.


H. John O'Toole , Frank Houghton (with beard)


J. Lloyd Higgins

K. Gary Tucker

L. Ralph Ghormley

M. Jack Rininger and Harlan Brown

N. Stan Feinberg

O. Jim Erickson and Jim Darr

P. Sailors assigned to the MTS-635, David Levi EM-3 and Jarrad Garis MM1 (SS)

Q. Sailor assigned to the MTS-635