Sam Rayburn 3rd Reunion September 2003

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  This reunion was held at Red Lion Silverdale Hotel, Silverdale WA
Thank you to all that participated.
A special thank you to the reunion planning folks
Walt Draper, Richard Cover, and John Sperber

SRA officers
President = Ernie Crowl (replacing J McNelly)    Vice President = Paul Gonsalves    Sectetary = Bret Zacher
Treasurer/Storekeeper = Doc Rushing     Webmaster/Datakeeper = Stan Feinberg      Editor = Lorin Chatwin

1. Carol McNelly and Tom Czulewicz

2. Carol and Jay McNelly, Ralph Ghormley, Rich Cover

3. Ralph Ghormley, Jay & Carol McNelly

 4. ?, Steve & Catherine Buski,?

5. Dan and Barb Zabecki

6. SRR3 Crewmember Attendees

8. SRR3 Crewmember Attendees

10. Wooden model of the USS SAM RAYBURN (Door Prize)
donated by shipmate Dan Moss

11. Doorprize won by Tom Czulewicz

12. Carol McNelly, Mrs. Tom Czulewicz and Ramona Buford

13. Ramona and John Buford

14. Ramona Buford and Jack Johnson

15. Paula Johnson, Ramona Buford, Mrs. Tom Czulewicz

16. Jay McNelly

18. Stan Feinberg and  Debbie Wojcik

20. Virginia Tucker and Simmy Buski

21.Steve Buski and Mike Tucker

22. Rich Cover (On right)

23. 3rd Reunion Registration Table

24. ?, Stan Feinberg, ?

25. Carol McNelly,,?, Stan Feinberg


28. 1st Gold crew COB, Roy Jadwin with Al Kaldor (From the Early 60's)

29. Al Kaldor, Rudy Wagner and Bob Hoover

30. Jay McNelly (seated), Roy Meadows, Al Kaldor and Mike Tucker

31. Jim Darr listening in on the women chatter

32. Mavis Chatwin and Carol McNelly

33. Al Kaldor, Bill (Slick) Schaible, Mike Tucker and Rich Cover

34. Jay McNelly, Roy Meadows, Al Kaldor and Bill Schaible

35. Bob Kenemore, Art Kubert, Lorin Chatwin

36. Rich Cover, Virginia Tucker, Gerri Darr, Jim Darr

37. Mike Tucker and Bill Schaible

38. Bill Schaible, Jim Darr, Jay McNelly

39. Paul Gonsalves

40. Bill Gowey

41. Paul Gonsalves and Walt Draper

42. T.K. Higgs

43. Larry Oiler, Ralph Ghormley, ? , Rich Cover

44. Sharon Schaible, Sweetpea Pearce, Rich Cover, Ralph Ghormley, ?

46. Gerry Darr, Jim Darr and Bob Kenemore

47. ?, ? Steve Buski

48. Larry Oiler

49. Dan Zabecki , Mr. and Mrs. Phil Berkowitz

50. Mark Hosier, Roy Meadows and Al Kaldor

51. Darrell Rushing, Jack Dowell , Bob Kenemore

52. ? , Ernie Crowl , Darrell Rushing, Jack Dowel

53. Ernie Crowl, Darrell Rushing and Jack Dowell

54. Steve Buski and Jim Clark

55. Ralph Ghormley and Jack Dowell

56. Ralph Ghormley and Darrell Rushing

57. ? , Shannon and Jack Dowell

58. Jack Dowell, Carol and Jay McNelly

60. Ramona and John Burford

62. ?, Walt Draper, ?

65. ?, Kenhi Drewes, Annette Drewes

68. Roy Meadows, Al Kaldor and Stan Feinberg

73. Kenny & Donna Wagner, Ron & Fay Ward

74. John & Linda Sperber

76. Hollie Higgs, Alla and Dennis Mortenson

77. T.K. Higgs, Simmy and  Steve Buski, Hollie Higgs

80. Alla and Dennis Mortenson, Hollie and T.K. Higgs

82. Simmy and Steve Buski

85. Bill and Susan Stuple ,Sharon and Jim Bohli

88. ?, Rich Cover

89. Carol and Jay McNelly, Ramona and John Buford

90. Karl Kozak , Al Kaldor

92. Wendy and John Nicol, Roy Meadows

93. Art Kubert, Mary Santiago

94. Annie and Darrell Rushing

95. Wendy and John Nicol, Roy Meadows

97. Risa Crowl, Bonnie Clark, Jim Clark

98. Mike Tucker, Fred Long, John Pearce

100. T.K. Higgs, Mark Hosier

101. Hollie and T.K. Higgs

102. Alla and Dennis Mortenson

107. Jim and Terry Crockett

112. Sharon Bohli, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Zabecki

114. Jay McNelly, Karl Kozak, Ernie Crowl, Al Kaldor

115. Carol and Lloyd Higgins

117. Steve Buski

121. Jack Stangle and Steve Buski

Tillicum Island

Tillicum Island

149. Bill and Sharon Schaible

159. Debbie Wojcik and Betty Wojcik-Roper

169. Bob Kenemore, Larry Oiler, John Nicol and Mike Tucker