Sam Rayburn 4th Reunion August 2005

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   This reunion was held in Peoria IL at the Marriott Pere Marquette
Thank you to all that participated.
A special thank you to Ernie Crowl for planning this reunion

SRA officers
President = Jim Brown (replacing E Crowl)    Vice President = Dave Martin    Sectetary = John Nicol
Treasurer = Doc Rushing    Webmaster/Datakeeper = Stan Feinberg    Storekeeper = Lyle Wolfgang    Editor = Lorin Chatwin

1. Winston/Suzie Dunn, Lyle/Sallie Wolfgang, Stan Feinberg, Harlan Brown

2. Alla and Dennis Mortensen

9. Tom/Carol Pauls, Alla/Dennis Mortensen, Jim/Nancy Bradford
10. Jay McNelly, Stan Feinberg, Carol McNelly
11. Lyle Wolfgang, Carl Rammel, Jay McNelly and Bill Schaible

12. Dennis Mortensen, Jim Bradford, Jim Darr
13. Sallie Wolfgang, Debbie/Carl Rammel, Dan Moss
15. Jim and Nancy Bradford

16. Dennis/Alla Mortensen, Tom/Carol Pauls, Jim/Nancy Bradford
17. Jim & Gerry Darr
18. Alla Mortensen, Carol Pauls

19. Carl Rammel, holding his raffle prize, a model of the 635
20. Alla Mortensen
21. Carol Pauls, Nancy Bradford

23. A-Gang, The domineering Group
25. M Division Greg Nadeau, Mark Hosier, Dennis Mortensen, Paul Gonsalves, T.K. Higgs
30. ?,?,? Harlan Brown

31. Lyle Wolfgang, Stan Feinberg, Sally Wolfgang
32. Tom Pauls, Dennis/Alla Mortensen, Carol Pauls
33. Jim Bradford, Ralph Ghormley

35. Jim & Nancy Bradford
36. Jay McNelly and Harlan Brown

37. Bill Schaible and Stan Feinberg

46. A-Gang, Largest single represented group at Reunion 4

48. All of the ladies that were present

50. John/Wendi Nicol,?, Bill/Sharon Schaible, Lyle Wolfgang

51. Ernie Crowl, Jim Brown

52. Mark Hosier, T.K. Higgs

55. Dave Perie

56. Ernie Crowl
57. Dennis Mortensen, Darryl Rushing, Ernie Crowl

59. Jack Stangle, Ralph Ghormley
60. Plank Owners

61. Raffle Prize, won by Carl Rammel
63. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Ghormley
67. Carol McNelly at the Casino Barge

68. Rise Crowl and Carol McNelly
71. Lyle & Sallie Wolfgang
72. Carl Rammel, after winning the 635 model submarine

73. All the ladies that attended the reunion
74. Debbie and Carl Rammel