Sam Rayburn 5th Reunion May 2007

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  This reunion was held at the Holiday Inn  Bayside, San Diego CA
Thank you to all that participated.  Thank you to George Bennett for some of the following photos.
A special thanks to Jack Stangle & Dennis Mortensen for organizing this reunion

SRA officers
President = Dave Martin    Vice President = Dennis Mortensen    Sectetary = John Nicol    Treasurer = Doc Rushing
Webmaster/Datakeeper = Stan Feinberg    Storekeeper = Lyle Wolfgang    Editor = Lorin Chatwin

1. Carol McNelly, Ann Rushing,  Annette Drewes, Reece Crowl

2. Winston Trevarthan

4. Jim brown, Jack Stangle, ?, Winston Travarthan

5. Bud Lester, Winston Trevarthen, Stew Reuter, George Bennett

6. Jay and Carol McNelly, Ann Rushing

7. Darrell "Doc" Rushing, ? ,?


9. Jim Darr, ?, Ralph and Marlene Ghormley

10.  Stew Reuter, Shirley Bennett

11. Ginger Lester

12. Marlene Ghormely, Betty Stangle

13 Mike Bonnett

14. Jeff Lester, Shirley and George Bennett, Duane Lester

15.Darrell Rushing At the Podium

16. Ernie Crowl, Ralph Ghormely

17. Sitting- Jack and Betty Stangle, Standing- Ernie Crowl,
Ralph Ghormely,     Steve Buski

19. Moe Hall

20. Group picture of the 2007 Reunion attendees

21. Group picture of the 2007 Reunion attendees