USS SAM RAYBURN Do you remember?

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Urso etc
LTs Urso, Glaves and Ausdenmore
Gold Crew 1983 timeframe

Moe, Larry and Curley- 1982

Pigs In Space- 1982

MM2(SS) Lillis "Racked Out Again"

ET2(SS) Kusmal (Better known as "Chewbacca")
MM2(SS) Michael Bost

Puffin' Smoke in Holy Loch 1982 -
Must have been the great shore power from the USS Holland

Holy Loch 1982 - Refit

CDR. Dan Brady

USS Sam Rayburn Moored in
Bremenhoven  Germany- Early 1980's

LT and Mrs. Jimmy Pheiffer and
Master Chief John Nier and his wife.

The Sam Rayburn coming out of and around the Dry Dock. I believe it's after The Blue Crew ran it into the ICE.

left to right:
EM1(SS) Shoemaker AKA "Nate The Snake" - IC1(SS) MacNair AKA "Peaches" , In His Traditional Raincoat - IC2(SS) Beckwith AKA Brian Bubble Butt Beckwith , Trying to grow his first mustache.

The Sam Rayburn at dockside in PNSY during overhaul-1970 vintage    IC2(SS) Farias

The infamous "Prison" in PNSY with the barracks in the foreground - IC2(SS) Farias

MM2(SS) Michael Bost in Crew's Berthing 1981

Gold Crew "Fly Away" December 1981. (MM1 Shirk,
MM2 Bost, MM2 Lillis, MM1 Drawbaugh, EM2 Butchart)

MM2(SS) Bost topside in Holy Loch - 1982

MM2(SS) Michael Lillis AMR1 Hatch - Holy Loch 1982  (Note the bouy hatch is open)

RM1(SS) Brown and MM2(SS) Bost in Crew's Lounge 1981

Sam Rayburn Gold Crew  "Swim Call"
some where in the Caribbean.

Mr. Dan Brady AKA "The Gun Boss." Doc Ellis is on the STBD Fairwater Plane, standing by to rescue any non-swimmers.

IC2 Farias and MT2 Kollhoff

Midshipmen  OPS, IC2 Farias

Midshipmen OPS, IC2 Farias

Can you tell who is who in this very candid photo?
Photo acquired at the 4th Reunion.