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Originally the Sam Rayburn Association (SRA) had a ship store to supply our members with memorabilia of the Sam Rayburn. With today’s internet everything can be ordered and shipped directly to you. We have found it easier to let people order what they want, when they want it. Why you can even order from Amazon. The below is a list of internet sites that supply ships memorabilia. Please visit the sites and peruse what you may want. Place your order and enjoy your items.

Updated 06/10/2019

Web site



Unlimited Details HERE Click on the Submarine link and enter 635.  This will give you a list of 17 items
USSVI National Storkeeper HERE This is the USSVI storekeeper website.  Click on STORE FRONT and peruse the items they have (From Belts to Vest).
Submarine Shop HERE This is the Submarine Shop.  They have everything from Jackets to Patches.
SubShipStore HERE The SubShipStore has apparel (Golf Shirts to Pants) all the way to Watches.
Amazon HERE Just type in and search for SSBN 635 and you will find Auto license plate holders, caps and much more.