Sam Rayburn 11th Reunion

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The following pictures are from the reunion. 
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Held in Groton CT (September 26th to 29th, 2019)

This was during the Banquet

This was during the Banquet

How many total stories have come from the above

This was during the Banquet

No BS it really happened that way

Hospitality Room

Not a torpedo man in the group

Torpedo Weapons Management

Sub Museum

Sub Museum

Sub Museum

USS Nautilus

And that is how you get through a water tight door

Japaniese WWII Sub


Hospitality Room
Where true stories are never told

Sub Vets always like to eat.

I got no idea.

How do you load your plate with one in each hand?

The real sub vet wemen

That was a funny story

Tolling of the bell for departed sub vets

Thursday night grub (Really GOOD)

Sam Rayburn sub school graduation

All the young guys

DJ music an dancing after the banquet

Getting ready for a group picture

Sub Vets have real affection for each other